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James Nottingham

I have taught in Primary, Secondary and Special schools with children between the ages of 3 and 18, and am now the director of my own educational consultancy, Sustained Success, an organisation that is committed to supporting learning and teaching, creativity, communication and leadership across the world. Last year, I was listed among the Future 500 by the Observer newspaper, a “definitive list of the UK’s most forward-thinking and brightest innovators.”

I grew up in the East Riding of Yorkshire, did some charity work in South Africa, worked as a Child Care Officer in a school for deaf children and then trained to be a teacher at Charlotte Mason College in Ambleside. Once qualified, I taught in Kent, Connecticut, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Northumberland before co-founding a regeneration project in Berwick upon Tweed (RAIS) that grew into a multi-million pound, award-winning scheme to raise the aspirations and achievement of young people in north east England.

Much of my earlier work, and indeed the basis for the RAIS project, was focussed on Philosophy for Children, an approach to learning that supports critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking (see video clip). Despite my work now taking me into other areas of learning, P4C continues to be my favoured approach to education and in 2008 I started an international resource and collaboration site for P4C, together with my colleagues Steve Williams and Roger Sutcliffe. (P4C.com)

For more information about my career, and the services I offer, please visit www.sustained-success.com
Today I travel the world, supporting schools and community groups in the development of learning and teaching, communication, creativity and leadership. On this blog, I share many of the best ideas I come across on my travels and publish a few tweets along the way
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